Millay the poetPoetry Challenge

At the start of April 2020’s National Poetry Month, when the COVID-19 pandemic was keeping us all indoors, we turned to Millay’s poems for solace and inspiration, buoyed by her keen wit and insight into the human condition. By sharing her work with others from our living rooms, kitchens, and other makeshift studios, we hoped to lift the spirits of friends and strangers alike with the equalizing power of poetry.

On this page are the collected submissions from the many talented Millay fans who accepted our challenge to video themselves reading or reciting a favorite Millay poem on their iPhone, iPad or computer. 

Megan Ainsworth

Time does not bring relief, you all have lied

Barbara Blair


Melissa Baird


Katie Barbato

The Blue-Flag in the Bog

Vincent Barnett

The Fawn

Jeanne Marie Beaumont

And you as well must die, my belovèd dust

Bill Bless

Excerpts from “Renascence”

Laurel Blossom

Dirge Without Music

Betty Buckley


Nancy Castaldo

On Thought in Harness

Kathleen Chalfant

If It Should Rain

Kimberly Collison

Kin to Sorrow

Tandy Cronyn


Blythe Danner

I know I am but summer to your heart

Steven DeWater

Even in the moment of our earliest kiss

Carmel Dean

First Fig / The Penitent

Jerri Dell


Graeme Dempsey

Love is Not All

Alison Fraser


Barbara Feldon


Joanna Gleason

The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver

Joanna Gleason

Dirge Without Music

Charlie Gravina

Un Poema de Un Mil Lays

Nikki Grimes

Ashes of Life

Krystyna Poray

Well, I have lost you; and I lost you fairly

Karen Alkalay-Gut

I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear

Paul Hecht

Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

Amy Higgins


Thomas Hill

Prayer to Persephone

Timothy Jackson

Winter Night

George Jempty

Lines for a Grave-stone

Laura Kilnkon

The heart once broken is a heart no more

Sally Murray

Passer Mortuus Est

Eric Johnson


Marilyn Johnston

Wild Swans

Mary Kelly

An Ancient Gesture

Christina Avis Krauss

Oh, my belovèd, have you thought of this

Dan Lauria

Love is Not All

Linda Law

Song of A Second April

Brigitte Lubker


Sue Ann Martin

Land of Romance (by Edna St. Vincent Millay, age 14)

Barry Mastellone

If I should learn, in some quite casual way

Jon Mathewson

The Concert

Roberta Maxwell


Michael Minchak

The Gardener in Haying Time

Don Mitchell

Oh, think not I am faithful to a vow

Paul Newbury

Not in a silver casket cool with pearls

Mark O’Berski

The True Encounter

Alicia Ostriker

Wild Swans

Holly Peppe

What lips my lips have kissed

Yvonne Perry

I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear

Kathryn Petruccelli


Paula Plum

What lips my lips have kissed

Stacy Pratt

Eel-Grass / Travel

Brenny Rabine

Kin to Sorrow

Monroe Co. NY Select Senior Choir (2019)

Afternoon on a Hill

Tim Ross

The Penitent

Anina Rossen

Only until this cigarette is ended

Irene Bueno Royo

Love is Not All

Kathryn Sadja

The Courage That My Mother Had

Thoams Smith

Three Songs from “The Lamp and the Bell”

Julie Carr Smyth

An Ancient Gesture

Judy Soukup

I think I should have loved you presently

John L Stanizzi

The Dream

Jennifer Van Dyck

When you, that at this moment are to me

Shasha Volokh

Dirge Without Music

Cole Walsh

The Spring and the Fall

Susan West

Spring Song

Dr. Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon

Dirge Without Music

Lora Woodward